Spoken English Classes at JPS

English is the most preferred language in the professional world, employers look for effective written and verbal communication with clients. It is a core language in most of the multinational transactions. For worldwide recognition, knowledge of English is a must. Learning to communicate in English effectively is crucial in our day to day lives because this language is used in most of the fields like teaching, journalism, business and the list is never ending.  To prosper in these fields, the knowledge of this language is essential.  We at Jupiter give utmost efforts to make our students efficient in both writing and speaking. The teachers take care of the writing part in the English Classes whereas special Classes are held for Spoken English. The spoken English Classes are interactive Classes where the students get a lot of scope and encouragement to hone their speaking skill. We have an amazing English Lab named “Wordsworth English Lab” which is well equipped with all the necessary technical aids for the smooth conduct of the spoken English Classes. Students enjoy the classes a lot and their fear to speak English gradually fades away.

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