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Top CBSE Secondary School in Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Once the inspiration and discipline of seeking knowledge are inculcated in the primary classes, they’re equipped with more advanced educational rigors to make themselves ready for the approaching challenges. We offer our pupils an inclusive understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, in an effortlessly understandable way through our uniquely designed coaching methods and modules.

We follow CBSE curriculum for all the classes. The Subjects available for the children vary from Class to Class.

Math, Science, English and Social Studies are compulsory subjects from Class VI-X.

Students from Class VI-VIII have to choose any two out of the three available languages- Odia, Hindi and Sanskrit.

However, in Class IX & X, they have to choose one language out of the two languages they opted in Class VIII.

Our curriculum consists of interactive board-based learning methods and all the basic concepts are cleared.

Preparation for JEE, NEET & NTSE starts early from Class VIII.

Smart class and Audio-Visual aids are used, assisting the students in understanding the lessons as they help the students in clear visualization.

Oxford English Lab plays an important role in developing reading, writing, listening and speaking skill of the students.

Our hands-on coaching method and one-to-one supervision make every student have conceptual clarity and the rationale behind each formula. This method ensures proper retention by a child.

Students are provided with study materials & worksheets for every chapter which they need to practice. Our team of expert teachers have prepared these, which are self-sufficient for practice. If a student practices these thoroughly, then the child will definitely secure good marks.

Continuous examination is a big part of Jupiter’s Evaluation System. In Jupiter, the following tests are conducted:

    1.  Weekly Test- These tests are conducted on a weekly basis from the portion completed in that week.
    2. Quarterly Test- These tests are conducted with quarterly portions and are conducted once in three months.
    3. Half-Yearly Test- These tests are conducted after the completion of half of the syllabus.
    4. Annual Test- These tests are conducted after the completion of the full syllabus.

Students with weak academic performance are provided with Booster Classes beyond school hours by our school teachers, which help them in giving better performance in the subjects they are weak in.

If any students for any valid reasons like sickness or social function of important nature missed classes then we conduct remedial classes.

Each student is tagged to a teacher responsible for the child's performance in the school.

The mentor ensures the child’s study plan back at home is set right or not, the child is motivated enough or not. He also ensures that the child has the least academic difficulty and all his/her grievances are taken care of.

Top-Performing students are put into a separate group, where they are provided with separate guidance to crack competitive exams like Math Olympiad, Science Olympiad, English Olympiad, GK Olympiad, Computer Olympiad and NTSE. Along with these, we provide Pre-IIT and Pre-Medical modules to give them advance preparation for future examinations.

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