Literary activities develop and hone the literary skills of the students

Literary activities enhance the creativity, thinking skills and expression power of our students which are highly essential in achieving success in the 21st century.

We conduct various Speaking and Writing Activities in the school like Debate, Extempore, Essay Writing, Letter Writing, Poetry and Story Writing Competition for all the students.

Student write-ups are displayed in School Magazine and the best of the write-ups find their places in JPS Blog.

Art & Cultural activities to develop creative thinking of the students

Jupiter Public School has extensive facilities included within the curriculum, to foster growth in the field of music, dance, drama and fine arts in children. There are various clubs such as Painting and Craft Club, Dance Club, Instrumental Club and Cultural Club to bring out the artistic and creative side of the children.

The students get the opportunity to showcase their visual and performing arts skills through a variety of programs like competitions, festivals and cultural functions.

Yoga & Meditation

To enhance the concentration, self-control, full utilisation of mental power, non-attachment to earthy objects and develop clarity of thought, we provide Yoga and Meditation Classes.