Investigation and experiments make science such a one-of-a-kind subject. The enjoyment of practical tasks cannot be underestimated; it can often be the driving force behind the decision to take learning to the next level. Our labs are uniquely designed and fully equipped to foster experiments and innovation.

Physics Lab

Science without research facility stagnates the learning of the students. Availability of wide ranges of Physics laboratory equipment’s in JPS improves the clarity and approach of the students towards the subject. Students learn to be patient and careful during the process of taking observation and making inferences basing on them.

Chemistry Lab

As Chemistry is an experimental science, learning important experimental techniques are necessary to become an effective chemist. In our well-equipped Chemistry laboratory, students learn to deal with complexity, in experimentation and data analysis, which is a vital part of any scientist’s expertise.

Biology Lab

Studying in a laboratory is an integral and important part of Biology syllabus. Here, teachers get the opportunities to model best practices in the study of biology, like application of scientific methodologies, respect for life and the environment, etc.

Mathematics Lab

Our Mathematics lab is intended to learn Mathematics through doing. Collection of number of games, puzzles and other teaching and learning materials help our students to explore, visualize and manipulate patterns and ideas apart from developing an interest in Mathematics.

Words Worth Language Lab

Students’ oral proficiency and speaking fluency is a common problem in our formal language education. In the Language lab, we ensure that each student spends time actively speaking and practicing his/her language skills.

Computer Lab

We have custom-designed separate labs for kids and other children. The computer lab for senior students now can house 50 students at a time. The hardware is frequently updated and has all the necessary software which are needed for the students to get hands-on experience in computer education.