Residential Facilities

Jupiter Public School Hostel is a Home away from Home.

The students need to feel like home while residing in a residential school. It is the main motto kept in mind while designing the rooms and other amenities.

In-campus Hostel

Our hostels are located inside the campus, which is filled with lush green environment making it a zero-pollution campus.

Homely Hostel Rooms

We have separate, comfortable and fully air-conditioned hostels supported by electric backup systems for boys and girls, where the students follow a disciplined life. Rooms are spacious with furnished accommodation comprising of separate bed, chair and cupboard.

Study Hour

We have a fixed routine with allotted study hours for the students. We advise and encourage them to follow this strictly. To facilitate their doubt clearance in the hostel, we provide faculty support in the evening hours.

Hygienic & Nutritious Food

The hostel canteen dishes out hygienic & well-balanced nutritious food for the resident students. A large canteen area enables a comfortable dining experience to the students.

Dining Hall

We have huge dining halls which can accommodate a large mass of students. All hygienic measures are strictly adhered to in this place.

Indoor and Outdoor Sports

The campus has a huge playfield and an indoor sports room to encourage sports and wellness activities.

Health Care

We have hostel managers and wardens to take care of the children’s health. A regular health check-up is done for the hostel students and in case of some medical attention, parents are informed. Along with this, we have 24*7 in-house ambulance and pharmacy facility.

Safety and Security

The campus is covered with high fenced walls and huge gates with security guards at every entrance monitoring every entry and exit. The main classroom building and the hostels are under CCTV surveillance.