Senior Secondary School

Top CBSE Senior Secondary School In BBSR, ODISHA

Senior Secondary is the zenith of fundamental education. The two years period in the Senior Secondary level is very crucial. After this the professional education starts. The Senior Secondary wing of JPS is highly successful in guiding the students to perform outstandingly both in the board examination and in the various entrance examinations. Jupiter possesses the best teachers in the state to support and facilitate their effort. This has to come as a natural progression of the efforts put in secondary level. There is a specially designed teaching model. All the teachers adhere to that and emphasize on making the students fundamentally clear about the concepts so that they will be able to perform outstandingly in both board examination and the entrance examinations.

We follow CBSE Curriculum. As of now, only Science stream is being provided with English, Physics and Chemistry as the three compulsory subjects. Apart from these, the students can choose any two subjects out of Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science and Physical Education as 4th and 5th Optional.

Our curriculum consists of interactive board-based learning methods and all basic concepts are cleared. We don’t believe in rote learning.  The highly experienced teachers are capable of uncovering the hidden potential of every student. We enhance the caliber of the students by providing them opportunities through different activities and healthy competition.

We teach strategically for guaranteed success of our students not only in board exams but also in NEET, JEE and other competitive examinations.We have our own faculties who are well versed experts to coach the students for NEET& JEE.Our Integrated Coaching has proven to be highly imperative for the sure shot success of the students. We motivate the students by inviting the Ex-IITians who take some classes and provide some relevant tips to crack the entrance examinations.

Students are provided with study materials & worksheets for every chapter which they need to practice. Our team of expert teachers have prepared these study materials & worksheets. These are self-sufficient for practice. Students are able to score high marks by following these study materials.

Examination plays a pivotal role in the Teaching – Learning process. We conduct a variety of examinations at regular intervals. Weekly Tests are conducted on weekly basis. Quarterly test is conducted once in three months. Half yearly test and Annual test are conducted after the completion of half of the syllabus and the full syllabus respectively. Moreover, MCQ tests are conducted every month and Daily problem practice tests are conducted to strengthen the problem-solving capacity of the students. We conduct all the examinations strictly and sincerely followed by impartial evaluation.

Students with weak academic performance are provided with Booster Classes beyond school hours by our school teachers. The Classes are highly beneficial for themto perform better in the subjects they are weak in.


These classes are held for the absentees if they miss their classes for any genuine reasons like sickness or social function of important nature.

Mentoring program and Proctorial classes are there to ensure that the students have no academic difficulty and all their grievances are taken care of. Always there is an attempt to make the students happy with least academic difficulty.