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Top CBSE Senior Secondary School in Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Senior Secondary is the zenith of fundamental education. After this the professional education starts. So, it plays the most crucial role in a student’s life and he/she has to push his/her limits. This has to come as a natural progression of the efforts put in secondary level.  To support and facilitate their efforts, Jupiter has the best available teachers in the state.

Our education system is based on CBSE Curriculum. The major objective is to make students fundamentally clear about the concepts so that it will be helpful to them both in the board examination and in competitive examinations. The teachers in the senior secondary department are widely experienced in providing CBSE teaching.

The children can choose from a wide variety of subjects. In our Science stream, English, Physics, Chemistry are the three compulsory subjects. Apart from that, the children can choose any two subjects out of Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science and Physical Education as 4th and 5th Optional.

Our curriculum consists of interactive board-based learning methods and all basic concepts are cleared. We have specialized teachers for specific units. We aim at uncovering the hidden potential in every student and enhance his capabilities by providing opportunities through different activities and healthy competitions.

Our syllabus ensures the student’s success not only in board exams but also in NEET and JEE competitive examination. The curriculum includes tips and classes from Ex-IITians who have cracked the exams code.

Students are provided with study materials & worksheets for every chapter which they need to practice. Our team of expert teachers have prepared these study materials & worksheets. These are self-sufficient for practice. If a student practices these thoroughly, then the child will definitely secure good marks.

Continuous examination is a big part of Jupiter’s Evaluation System. In Jupiter, the following tests are conducted
i. Weekly Test- These tests are conducted on a weekly basis from the portion completed in that week.
ii. Quarterly Test- These tests are conducted with quarterly portions and are conducted once in three months.
iii. Half-Yearly Test- These tests are conducted after the completion of half of the syllabus.
iv. Annual Test- These tests are conducted after the completion of the full syllabus.

Students with weak academic performance are provided with Booster Classes beyond school hours by our school teachers, which help them do better in the subjects they are weak in.

If any students for any valid reasons like sickness or social function of important nature missed classes then we conduct remedial classes.

Each student is tagged to a teacher responsible for the child's performance in the school.

The mentor ensures the child’s study plan back at home is set right or not, the child is motivated enough or not. He also ensures that the child has the least academic difficulty and all his/her grievances are taken care of.

We have separate group of faculties drawn from nationally reputed coaching institutions to impart Entrance coaching for NEET, JEE, BITS, NISER & KVPY.

We segregate students into different batches as per their target or career aspirations.

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