JPS Shines in CBSE 12th Science 2023 Results

Jupiter Public School, Bhubaneswar, is proud to announce the outstanding performance of its students in the CBSE 12th Science 2023 examinations. The results have surpassed expectations, with students achieving remarkable scores and showcasing their dedication to academic excellence.

Five students have secured an exceptional score of more than 95% and 11 students have achieved a commendable score of more than 90% in the 12th Science examinations.

What sets our students apart is their consistent improvement throughout their academic journey. Many students have surpassed their previous achievements, obtaining higher marks in the 12th Science examinations compared to their 10th-grade performance.

Ratnakar Sahu and Gaurav Kumar Behera, for instance, secured remarkable scores of 96.20% and 95.60% respectively in the 12th Science examinations, a significant leap from their 10th-grade scores of 90% and 88%. This exemplifies the students’ commitment to continuous growth and their ability to exceed expectations.

A shining example of such progress is Satyajit Sahoo from Nayagarh, a proud hostelite of Jupiter Public School. Despite scoring 69% in the 10th class, Satyajit demonstrated exceptional determination and achieved an impressive 91.4% in the 12th class. His inspiring journey serves as a testament to the nurturing environment and effective guidance provided by Jupiter Public School.

Jupiter Public School, Bhubaneswar, congratulates all the students on their exceptional achievements in the CBSE 12th Science 2023 examinations. We are proud to witness their growth and success, and we remain committed to providing them with the best educational opportunities for their future endeavors.

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