JPS Joins 999 Challenge: Promoting Fitness and Wellness

Jupiter Public School proudly embraced the 999 Challenge, an initiative initiated by the Indian government to cultivate health and fitness awareness among citizens. Our school enthusiastically organized a special Surya Namaskar session, featuring a distinguished guest from Amrita University.

The event unfolded within our school premises, where our spirited students and dedicated staff congregated to pay homage to the sun and harness its positive energy through the practice of Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation. The scene was truly uplifting as individuals harmoniously united, generating a powerful current of positivity.

Under the guidance of our esteemed resource person, participants immersed themselves in the graceful sequences of Surya Namaskar, discovering the profound interplay between body, breath, and spirit. The session became a celebration of not only fitness and flexibility but also of inner strength, as we absorbed the radiant energy of the sun.

At Jupiter Public School, we are committed to fostering holistic development, and endeavors like the 999 Challenge perfectly resonate with our vision. By championing physical fitness and mental well-being, we empower our students to embrace balanced and enriching lives.

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