JPS Celebrates International Women’s Day with Empowering Guests

In ancient Hindu texts and writings, girls and women are held in high esteem. They are revered as kanyas, grih laxmis, and mothers. The saying “yatra naryastu pujyante ramante tatra devata” aptly glorifies the dignity of women, meaning “Where women are honored, there the deities are pleased.”

Jupiter Public School celebrated International Women’s Day, where Mrs. Shakuntala Baliarsingh presided as the chief guest. Mrs. Baliarsingh is a renowned writer and novelist, having penned more than 30 books. Her book “Kaberi Bhali Jhiatie” was honored with the Central Sahitya Academy Translation Award in 2015. During the event, she delivered a thought-provoking speech on women’s status and emphasized the importance of dismantling stigmas surrounding women’s issues.

The second guest was Mrs. Chandana Das, a distinguished social activist specializing in women’s empowerment. She shared her inspiring journey of overcoming challenges and encouraged students to fearlessly pursue their passions. Both speakers left an indelible impact on the students and teachers, motivating them to strive for gender equality and empower women within their communities.

The event featured various theme-based activities, including dance competitions, a ramp walk, and a food fest. The participation of teachers, parents, and our esteemed guests was overwhelming, making the celebration a grand success.

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