Empowering JPS Students with Life-Saving First Aid Program

Young Concept Organisation, in partnership with renowned Paediatrician Dr. Bibhudatta Mishra, Dr. Mahapatra, and Miss Soni, conducted a vital First Aid Program for the bright minds of Jupiter Public School (Std VI-VIII), focusing on empowering them for the future.

Key Program Highlights:

Practical demonstrations of crucial first aid techniques.

Interactive sessions on managing common emergencies.

Sharing knowledge about basic medical care and safety measures.

Equipping students to become confident first responders in critical situations.

We extend heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Bibhudatta Mishra, Dr. Mahapatra, and Miss Soni for their expertise and dedication in nurturing the next generation of responsible and caring individuals.

Together, let’s build a safer and more prepared community.

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