From The Chairman’s Pen..

Mr Biranchi Narayana Panda

President, Jupiter Public School.

It’s not a mere entitlement for me, but my responsibility to extend the part of contribution for the betterment of the society that belongs to me for the completion of the dream once seen. The young and brilliant minds emerging in all the sections of the societies would have the opportunity to experience the best of the education and development they can have, as they can be proud of their education as they grow up. I dream that, one day JPS would come up as one of the best centers of education and excellence, helping the bright, young minds to excel in their skills, education and an all-round development; providing not only technological proficiency for learning with accuracy but also indulging their minds with the core and moral values which is the primary need, I think and so is the spirit and zeal of an out-and-out human being. JPS not only has the best of the gadgets and infrastructure comparable to any of the finest in the country but also has a prolific greenery for the children to have an environment full of nature and it’s harmony for education and interaction. The team of JPS under the sole guidance of the prominent academicians associated since the origination would be the true menders and growers for the young minds to nurture and lead to a bright future.