Campus Facilities

Green Campus

Jupiter Public School is spread over a huge campus of 20 acres. Out of this, 40% is filled with greenery. The pollution-free campus and state-of-the-art buildings are the distinguishing features of JPS infrastructure.

Smart Classrooms

Our classrooms are air-conditioned and fully equipped with all the modern gadgets like projectors, smart boards, cameras, laptops, etc. to make them interlinked with technological advancement.

Investigation and experiments make science a one-of-a-kind subject. The enjoyment of practical tasks cannot be underestimated, it can often be the driving force behind the decision to take learning to the next level. Our labs are uniquely designed and fully equipped to foster experiments.


We have one of the best libraries with modern state-of-the-art digital library facilities.  Our library houses 10,000 physical books and a huge e-book collection. The students are encouraged to explore beyond their studies to expand their knowledge.

Sophisticated Studios

In the pandemic our school has developed 5 number of highly sophisticated new studios to conduct online classes for our students.


Jupiter is the first school in Odisha to introduce 2 CNG buses to its fleet. We have well-arranged transport facility for both hostel boarders and day boarding students.

Music Room

Our auditorium doubles up as a dance and music room. It has all the equipment to help the students in this regard.


Our cafeteria at the school not only doles out delicious snacks and beverages but often a place for important discussions and debates. It is a place where students, teachers and visitors take a break, relax and chitchat.

We at Jupiter strongly believe that every student should take up a sport to compete and excel. We are committed to provide infrastructure, coaching, and exposure to these students to reach their full potential. 


Jupiter school has a fully air-conditioned auditorium with all modern facilities. It can house 500 students at a time.


Our school has ATM that can be used for withdrawing money by using debit card of any bank. The school ensures ready cash 24/7.


Our hostels inmates are provided with saloon facilities.