Life Skills


We at Jupiter Public School strongly believe in imparting skills that will make students independent and confident. These skills are essential for any growing child to learn how to cope with adult life. Often students rely on others to do their regular jobs. It is our endeavor to make students self-reliant. These are part and parcel of our wholesome education where we intend to make our students future-ready not only educationally but also in all other aspects of life.


Process of creating food in itself is very fulfilling. It enriches a student’s life by instilling a sense of achievement.


Grafting is a part of our agricultural skill that we impart to the students. The students are taught to handle plants with utmost care while experimenting with them. Creating a new plant out of sapling gives them a sense of achievement and pride.

Culinary Skills

Cooking their own meal makes the child patient, meticulous and appreciable to every grain of food. It teaches them a sense of proportion.


Drilling is a basic skill that every student should know. The elementary household works become easy once you know how to drill.


Soldering is an important basic skill that a student should master if he wants to graduate into building something which involves electrical or mechanical parts. The act of joining wires, and metals should be clean and error free and students are taught to take all safety precautions to avoid any kind of accidents.

Running a Washing Machine

Learning to run a washing machine or any other essential gadgets makes them more responsible for things around them. Folding the dried clothes and arranging them in the wardrobe is an exercise that teaches patience and increases their awareness levels.

Cleaning of AC

Keeping the filter clean is a basic necessity for the proper functioning of AC and the mechanic charges too much for this minor work. So, we train our students in that which also enhances their interest in these mechanical and technical things.


Sweet time passes quickly, but photographs hold the memory alive forever. So that our students can capture their moments and become happy later by seeing them, we provide the basics of photography.

Computer Assembling

Workable knowledge on the most household machine today, i.e. Computer, is a basic requirement. Keeping that in view, we provide a well-planned training to our students by experts.


Karate, the top-rated marshal art and self-protection skill, seems to be a necessity to survive and move ahead in the conflict and aggression-filled world. So, we train our students with the help of professionals.