“The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil”
- Ralph waldo Emerson

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” – is the philosophy that drives our educational institute. We quench a child’s thirst for knowledge, satiate his hunger for success, stoke his passion for perfection, groom his sensibilities for social values and nurture him as a model citizen of this global village.

Every child has enormous potential, boundless energy, infectious enthusiasm and it is for educators like us to spot, nourish and unleash this inherent talent so that the child realises his latent potential.

I assure you that we at JPS are not only conscientious but also committed to the great responsibility and trust placed upon us by the parents in particular and the society in general and that we will leave no stone unturned in fulfilling it.

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